Up and Down the Andes: Spanish Food!

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Since our topic is ‘Ticket to Ride’, our class book this week is ‘Up and Down the Andes’ and Reception have been looking at the cultures of Spanish speaking countries. They tried some Spanish foods; some children wanted to tell everyone about their food tasting and teach St Williams about Spanish food. They came up with lots of describing words and sentences using their Phonics knowledge. Here is some of the wonderful writing they have done this week about their experiences.

Jessica: “We tasted Spanish food. I ate Spanish bread. My bread was crunchy and yummy.” 

Lewis: “I had one piece of bread and it was yummy and it was smooth.”

Lucy: “All the Reception children had Spanish food and some didn’t like it and I tried the Spanish bread. My friend Ava liked the bread. I did not like it because it was slimy.”

Bunny Bonanza!

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Reception have been reading Dear Zoo this week and have been writing letters asking for different animals! Yesterday they asked for a real rabbit and their letter was so good that the Zoo surprised them with a special treat! Reception were fantastic with Skippy and treated him with great care. Well done, Reception!

Ice Lollies!

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The children have made their own ice lollies! They chose a sugar-free cordial (orange, lemon or blackcurrant) and could put in some healthy fruit if they wanted to (mango, pineapple, blueberries…). We talked about what wouldn’t be healthy and what we needed to do to freeze our ice lollies. After several trips to the freezer we left them in overnight to enjoy after lunch today. Yum!

Golden Time!

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Reception have been fantastic all week and had a lovely Golden Time session. Children without toys shared with those with them and a fun time was had by all. 

Fantastic sharing and playing, Reception!

Mrs Telleria.


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This week the children in Reception have been learning about the  Diwali celebration. They have enjoyed making candle holders (diyas) for the celebration.

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